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Dad - Bear

A litter of 5

Mom - Kimba

About the Breed - Siberian Husky


The nomadic Chukchi people of northeastern Siberia used a medium-sized working dog to pull their sleds and herd reindeer. In their isolated region, with no other dogs to crossbreed, the Chukchis mated the best of their dogs to each other and the type bred pure and true for over 3,000 years. Noted for its ability to pull light loads over great distances at moderate speeds, the breed caught the attention of a fur trader and explorer by the name of Olaf Swenson, who brought the first of the breed to the U.S. shortly after the turn of the last century, Siberians raced in the All-Alaska Sweepstakes for the first time. A team of Siberians driven by a Norwegian, Leonhard Seppala, won the big Alaska race in 1915, ’16 and ’17. In the winter of 1925, Seppala drove one of several teams, which, running in relay, gained international prominence as the heroes that delivered serum to avert a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska. The serum run served to bring the breed to the attention of the public and a personal-appearance tour by Seppala and his team made friends for the breed from coast to coast.


The typical Siberian Husky is both friendly and gentle, with an outgoing personality and an eager, happy disposition.

Activity Level

The Sibe is an active breed that prefers the outdoors and needs lots of regular exercise.


Males range from 21-23.5 in (53-60 cm) at the shoulder and weigh up to 60 lb (27 kg). Females stand from 20-22 in (51-56 cm) and weigh 34-50 lb (15.5-22.5 kg).


The breed sports a thick double coat consisting of a soft and downy undercoat and a medium-length outer coat of soft, smooth texture.


All colours and white are allowed, as are all markings. Most common are various shades of wolf and silver-grey, tan or black with white points.


Thorough, regular brushing is required. 

Source: www.ckc.ca/en/Choosing-a-Dog/Choosing-a-Breed/Working-Dogs/Siberian-Husky
Canadian Kennel Club - Siberian-Husky Breed Standards 

Meet All Our Dogs

We have a total of 8 adult dogs, and each with a very unique story and name!

Artemis - Female
In Greek mythology, Artemis was the name of the goddess of the moon and hunting. Artemis was born on a full moon. 

Amaroqu - Female
Name derives from Native American culture which means grey slate rock; an alternative meaning of "Amarok" can also be arctic wolf.

Luna - Female
In Roman mythology, Luna was the goddess of the moon, brave and independent spirit. 

Kimba - Female
Derived from Native American origin, Kimba means Brush Fire, joyful and very lively. 

Bear - Male
Meaning strong and brave. Bear is the eldest of all males, and is also a very creative escape artist. He has a calm and gentle presence about him.

Makaï- Male
Hebrew origins that means "Who is like God?"
In Hawaiian culture meaning "towards the sea", which is suiting because he has beautiful blue eyes.

Mukawa (Mak-wah) - Male 
In Native American origin means "Little Bear", which is well suited, because he is Bear's son. Mukawa is a fun spirited boy, who loves going for runs with his brother Makoons. Mukwa is also nick-named "monkey" by the staff because he climbs the kennel every chance he gets.

Makoons - Male
In Native American origin, Makoons means baby bear. Bear is his dad, and Mukwa is his brother.