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Alpacas: breeding, boarding, fiber/yarn sales, finished good (socks, blankets, hats, mitts, scarves, etc.) 

Huskies - We have purebred registered pups

Farm tours! Come meet the alpacas and huskies, enjoy the peace and stillness of the country side. Feel the softness of both alpacas and husky hair. Take a walk with an alpaca or just enjoy their company. Walk away with an experience and maybe something to wear!

Unique RV and Camping Stays

Harvest Host Member - unique RV overnight stays. Harvest host is an annual membership fee with unlimited stays, members are asked to support their Harvest Host by purchasing local products with their stay. 

Terego Member - camping and agrotourism at its best! Find a unique escape and experience the country life at the Husky Alpaca Ranch. 

Farm Tours

For visit please come dressed accordingly to the weather (it does get breezy). It does get muddy during rainy periods, so please wear appropriate footwear that you will be comfortable in. 

1. Alpaca Walk & Interactive Farm Tour 

(total time approx. 1-1.5hrs)

This tour is great if you'd like to learn more about alpacas and take them for a walk on a halter and get first hand experience! 

The tour varies in time, approximately 1/2-1 hour walk with an alpaca, this depends on walking speed, weather, alpaca mood of the day, and visitors comfort level. Learn about alpacas, what they eat, how they live, interesting facts, and how we care for them. 

Meet our beautiful huskies, and learn about their personalities, history behind their names and meet the puppies (depends on whether we have a litter at the time of the visit). Then let the alpacas eat some of their favourite treats right out of your hand.

Stop by the cow pasture to visit the cows, and be greeted by Snowflake, who loves getting head scratches from the visitors! 

See our garden and progress of the crops, learn about what we plant, how, and what it take to grow your own food and purchase some farm grown produce (depends on the time of the year you visit us)!

2. Interactive Farm Tour - does not include walking alpacas 

(total time approx. 45min-1.5hr)

Come visit the ranch and interact the alpacas, huskies and cows. 

The tour will start off with meeting our huskies, petting them (if you wish, they are all friendly and love the attention), learn about their personalities, and meet the puppies (depending if we have a litter at the time of the visit). Learn their names, and the history behind them. 

Next we will stop by the alpaca pasture, where you will meet our beautiful girls that all have different personalities and coats. Learn about the two breeds of alpacas and the difference in their fiber (with interactive samples to feel from). Learn about the benefits of alpaca fiber, and their usefulness, and hear some funny stories. Get up close and personal with the alpacas by letting them eat some of their treats right out of your hand (they do love their treats!). 

We will then stop at the cow pasture and visit with our cows and calves, and be greeted by Snowflake, that loves getting head scratches from visitors. 

See our garden and progress of the crops! Learn about what we plant, why, and what it takes to grown your own food and have the chance to purchase some of the farm grown produce (depends on time of the year of your visit). 

Conclude either one of your visits with a stop at our farm store, where you can see a variety of products that we can make from the alpacas, as well as some seasonal fresh fruit, eggs, and preserves.

"Educating visitors on alpacas and raising alpacas that produce quality products."

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